The Randy Run For Fallen Bikers
Our Mission is to assist fallen/injured motrcyclists and/or their families in their time of need.  We are a 501 (c) (3) operated by volunteer motorcyclists and we raise funds by hosting events.  All of the proceeds from these events go directly to the grantee.  The goal is to help them maintain while they are recovering and out of work/income.    Donations will also be accepted throughout the year.   

There is a grant process which you will find under Grant Guidelines  and the Grant Application.  Once a grant is submitted, the Board then reviews to make sure the application falls within our guidelines and subsequently approves or disapproves by majority vote.  Funds are authorized to help the victim pay doctor bills, groceries, rent or mortgage payments, utilities, etc.  Funds offered to recipients will be in the form of paying bills for them and not payable to them directly. 
We hope you never need us, but we are here if you do!!
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Main Event July 21, 2018!!  Check out our other events on the Event page